How to buy

Now you are interested in purchasing a lodge, what are the points you should consider before making that final decision?

Making the decision to purchase a second home is an exciting time, but there are a few vital checks and questions you need to make and ask before committing yourself. We have listed a few here for you, which we hope you find useful:-

  • A lodge park is licensed by the Local Authority for a set opening season. Please check that their opening times are suitable for your use. For example if you intend to use your lodge over Christmas and New Year.
  • There may also be restrictions on how long you can stay at any one time, make sure you ask.
  • For your own security, make sure you are in possession of a Written Licence Agreement, which sets out the terms you may have your lodge on the park and the length of time it may remain there. If you are purchasing a previously used lodge, you will have the existing Licence assigned to you. A sample agreement can be found on our Downloads page.
  • Is the park owned freehold, or do the Park Owners only have a lease from the Freeholder? If they lease the land, find out when that lease comes to an end.
  • Is there any warranty remaining on the lodge that needs to be transferred to you?
  • We strongly recommend you have a survey done on your lodge by a specialist surveyor, such as Phoenix Park Home Surveys who are advertising to the right of this page.
  • What is the annual ground rent?
  • Do I have to pay a further maintenance charge, or a charge to use the facilities?
  • Do I have to pay Council Tax for a second home, or is this included within the Ground rent?
  • What facilities are available on the park?
  • Are there any further plans for redevelopment?
  • Are pets (how many?) and children accepted?
  • May I sublet my home privately, or does it have to be through the park owner.
  • Is the park a member of a National Trade Association like the British Holiday and Home Parks Association and the National Caravan Council?

Before you make that final decision, try and talk to other lodge owners on the park to find out if they are happy with their choice - do the park owners attend to maintenance and other requests quickly and efficiently? Are there any problems on the park they might tell you of before you commit yourself?

Armed with all the answers, we are sure a decision to purchase will be the result!


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